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Firewood and Kindling for sale on The Isle of Wight

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Kiln Dried  logs For Sale On The Isle of Wight

Welcome to Our firewood Logs  We  offer two kinds of fire wood logs making  Ordering easy. Birch Kiln Dried Logs sold on the Isle of Wight  and Seasoned Hardwood Logs sold on the Isle of Wight.


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  • Large Builders Bag Bulk Bag
  • £120.00 Per Bulk Bag Limited Stock Left
  • All Logs are kept Inside a Barn
  • Order and pay online Click here
  • Customer Approved Log Seller
  • Less Moister 15% or Less
  • Isle of wight kiln dried logs for sale
  • Ideal for Pizza ovens, Fire Pits, Chimneys, BBQ.
  • 25cm In Length 8 inch
  • Best Fuel To Burn Customers Reviews https://www.isleofwightgardeningservices.co.uk/index.php/testimonials/
  • We are the biggest stockist of Kiln dried logs on the isle of wight both bulk bags and Net bags
  • Ideal for pizza ovens (trade discounts given)  Fire pits chimneys Log burners stoves open fires
  • Prompt Deliver no Lead time same day delivery as ordering.
  • Hiab Delivery (No Tipping out on your drive way) you keep the bag and Empty at your leisure until your next delivery
  • We have invested into a greener way of selling logs which meets The New Government Legislation for supplying you clean  Low moisture fire wood Fuel for your Home (New Law comes into Effect February 2021)
  • £120.00 Per Bulk Builder size

Fed up buying in Wet Damp Wood, then buy from us today 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, Change your supplier today. Discounts on repeat Orders. Birch Kiln dried  Burns Hotter for longer!

Kiln-dried logs are the best fuel to burn in your wood burning stove, Open fires, Wood Burners because they contain less moisture than green or seasoned logs. This means that they produce more heat and burn for longer making them more economical than other types of firewood. Kiln-dried logs will heat your room faster, burn with a brighter flame and produce less smoke than seasoned or green logs helping to minimise the build-up of harmful deposits on your chimney or lining system.   

Regarding the ban of burning wet wood by  February 2021, Wet wood produces a lot more smoke when burnt which then releases more pollutants and small particles into the air compared to that of dry Kiln wood.

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(Kiln Dried Birch  Hard Wood Logs £120.00 Per bulk Bags)

(Kiln Dried Logs  Extra Large Net Bags 30 litre Typically 13 logs per net £7.00 Free Delivery when 10+ ordered)

(Kiln Dried Logs Extra Large Net Bags  30 litre £70.00 for Ten Free Delivery)

(Kindling Wood £5.00 Large Nett)


logs readingkiln dried logs isle of wightkiln dried logs

kiln dried logs ready for delivery.Lowest Prices

Open As Usual we run a Zero contact delivery service. Payment via bank transfer or payment or  Payment by Debit or Credit Card. upon delivery please stay in your house  Thank you.

To place your orders Please call 01983 882879  or email this link mailto:info@isleofwightgardeningservices.co.uk

with your requirements and full delivery instructions.

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  • Kiln Dried  Birch Hard Wood Logs £20.00  Limited Stocks
  • Burn Hotter for longer (Better value)
  • Premium Seasoned hard Wood  logs only £105.00 (Limited Amount Left)
  • Hard wood logs Oak Ash Beech  good quality mixed logs
  • Barn Stored
  • Order and pay for  full season of logs and have them delivered later in the year
  • Kiln Dried  Extra Large Net Bags 30 litres typically 13 logs per net £7.00
  • Kindling £5.00  large net bags
  • Stacking available Charged @ £10.00 per bulk bag
  • Free Delivery Included in the price
  • All our wood is barn dried and  Seasoned.
  • low moisture content Typically 15% or less.
  • Hiab crane Delivery builders bag size bags
  • Bespoke Sizes Cut (On Request)
  • In stock ready for delivery
  • Limited Stocks
  • Hiab Delivery (No Tipping out loose logs on your drive way no Mess) you keep the bag and Empty at your leisure until your next delivery.
  • Dry seasoned Isle of Wight hardwood logs
  • Limited stocks order for this winter Call today to reserve your logs
  • Ordering Call us on 01983 882879(if no answer leave a message) Or email to place your order :info@isleofwightgardeningservices.co.uk
  • Payment methods. Cash  Credit Debit card payments.Bank Transfer. PayPal.


Hard Wood Logs Barn Dried Seasoned For Sale

On the Isle of Wight


logsfire wood logs


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Extra large Net bags   £7.00 (Free Delivery on 10 plus Net Bags) Ideal for awkward areas flats , front door access only, with no on street  parking buy our seasoned net bags. for our Hiab crane delivery  service Call to order: 07967 020489

Barn dried logs are great logs to burn, but with The New Government Legislation Kiln dried logs are the way to go


they are far better logs burn twice as long and are a cleaner fuel and better for our Environment and the planet.

Bulk Bag 105.00  (Limited Amount Left)  Mixed Hard Wood logs (Free Delivery Included)  Call to order: 07967 020489

Delivered in a lightweight transit fitted with a Hiab Crane (no tipping out on your driveway loose) you keep the bag until you next order, ideal for Drive ways, over walls fences etc.

Ordering Call us on 01983 882879(if no answer leave a message) Or Click here to order by email. info@isleofwightgardeningservices.co.uk

Free Deliveries included 7 days a week



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Log Burner

Net bags of logs

Net bags of logs ready to deliver

bulk bags of logs

Mixed Hard Wood Seasoned Logs best seller


kiln dried logs

kiln dried logs ready for delivery.Lowest Prices

We also do tree work and hedge cutting Please click on the link below for more information.

Hedge Cutting and Tree Work

New for 2017 Firewood mobile log  processor Hire Available on the isle of wight

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