Pond Building

Isle of Wight Pond Building

Marking out the shape

Once you have decided on your pond design it is time to start the actual building work. Pictured we are using stakes,  mark out roughly the shape of our pond.


Digging, out our pond on this pond we used our tracked mini digger and dumper.

Lining The Pond

A layer of  sand was used to protect the liner/underlay from small stones or sharp objects. Obviously what can be covered by sand depends on the shape of you pond The bottom is the main area that may need extra protection.

Filling Up

This bit is fairly straight forward  using a hose pipe allow the pond to fill up.

Finishing and Edging

Crazy paving used on this project. Pictured in the back ground was a natural stone wall we built after excavating 30 tons of clay.

This is just of our many of our pond building projects, we have built lots more smaller ponds over the past years, which included bridges, part decked covered ponds.

Using all seasons with many years of experience of pond building. Call for a quote!


Isle of wight ponds  isle of wight pond building

isle of wight pond building  isle of wight pond building