Sheds and Summer Houses

Garden Sheds and Summer Houses assembled

We can supply and install a large range of summer houses and sheds please email or call for details.

Services include

  • Base
  • Treatment
  • glass fitting
  • fitted drain pipes if required
  • Roofs
  • fixing/Locks


New for 2016

Bespoke Sheds/Summer Houses/Offices  Ideal for the garden  Made to any design and size if you dont have a design we can provide you with ideas and design one for you.

  • BespokeDesign
  • Lighing
  • Toilet/basin
  • Security
  • as many windows as you require
  • Large door opening
  • Any roof
  • wooden or solid Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Adds that extra room to your house
  • Treated after manufacture service
  • Build Stonger than any Pre Built garden building as we build these from scratch in your garden using the best materials avaliable
  • Roofs can be glass fibre tin or Felt we recommend Tin or Glass firbe


Below are some pictures of a garden building we made that measures 4.5 Meters long x 2.5 Meters Wide  from start to finsh of the project.

Fitted With lighting and a plug socket.



bespoke shedgarden shed


Garden buildingpainted Shed


Our Standard Shed Range


Made from Timber Cladding  timber Framing

Sheds comes with a base Coat Windows and Door Positions  8 Choices



Suffolk Pent Shed

  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 5ft x 7 ft
  • 6ft x 10ft
  • 6ft x 8ft
  • 8ft x 10ft



Suffolk Pend

8x6 shed

Suffolk Pent

pend shed

Sullolk Pent

pent shed

Suffolk Pent

 Shed Bases












garden shed  isle of wight wooden construction   sheds isle of wight