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Established in 1999

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Ensuring you have high quality topsoil is essential as it will provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs, vegetables and plants. It is the foundation of a healthy garden,Ideal for garden Borders, Conditioning Flower beds,vegetable patches,Hanging baskets.

Isle of Wight (PAS100 certified) compost Isle of Wight top soil Isle of Wight Wood Chipping Isle of Wight Mixed compost topsoil all available to order from this page.

We can supply quality screened top soil & compost and wood Chippings by the tipper load or in Bulk Bags free delivery.

We also provide from Lorry to garden service (please ask for price when ordering.

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Tipper Loads

Hiab Track


  • Free Delivery
  • screen dry top soil/compost Mix £170
  • Large Tipper load top soil  £160.00
  • Large Tipper load of compost  £160.00
  • Large Tipper load wood chippings £130.00
  • Large Tipper load Grow-Pro £160

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Bulk Bags

  • Free Delivery
  • Bulk bags top Soil
  • Bulk bags  of compost
  • screen dry top soil/compost

Isle of Wight Top Soil Bulk bags

Top soil and compost delivery times – we deliver 7 days a week free  delivery.

compost and top soil iow  compost  top soil isle of wight

Top Soil

  •  Screened Top Soil
  • BS 3882 Certificated
  • Bulk bags £70
  • Also available in tipper loads
  • Pro-Grow

Pro-Grow now sold  on the Isle of Wight , is a fine, Soil Association certified, organic soil conditioner made in Britain that is rich in nutrients and essential trace elements providing plants with an ideal growing medium.The Best


  • Ideal for Vegetables Beds
  • Ideal for Flower Beds
  • Ideal for Raised Beds
  • Ideal for turfing
  • Peat free 05mm-10mm soil conditioner
  • British product manufactured from 100% recycled organic material
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Provides natural plant nutrients including: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sulphur
  • Improve soil fertility and moisture retention
  • Breaks down heavy clay soils and humus to sandy soils
  • Suitable for bedding and top dressing on lawns, trees and shrubs as well as on annual and perennial crops.
  • Particularly effective for improving low quality soils where fertility and organic matter have been reduced by long term use of chemical fertilisers.
  • Bulk Bags £65.00
  • (Large tipper loads £150.00
  • Small 25KG Bags £10.00 Each

Isle of Wight Compost

Bulk Bags

Isle of Wight compost is an excellent product for digging in to give your soil extra nutrients and organic matter and is PAS100 tested and certificated.

  • Composted and screened to a high standard
  • PAS100 certified compost
  •  Bulk Bags £70
  • Large Tipper loads £160.00

isle of wight compost

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isle of wight compost

Isle of wight compost ideal for flower beds and growing flowers

isle of wight compost

Isle of wight compost Ideal for softening and reconditioning ground

isle of wight compost                       isle of wight compost

bulk load isle of wight compost

bulk load isle of wight compost

Ordering Call us on 01983 882879(if no answer leave a message) Or Click here to order by email.

Isle of Wight Mixed Compost / Top Soil (Free Delivery)


Bulk bags

  • Mixed  Top Soil and Compost Screened together with our power screen 50% top soil 50% Isle of Wight Compost giving a 100% mixed quality load.
  •  Bulk bag £75
  • Also Available in tipper loads

top soil isle of wight compost mix

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New Top Soil/Grass Seed mix

  • Bulk Bag  Grass seed mix only £85.00
  • Bulk Bag Grass seed / Fertilizer only £90.00
  • Cheaper than Turfing
  • Results in two weeks (see picture Below)
  • Good quality lawn grass seed blended with top soil/compost
  • Covers an approximately area 12 meters  50mm 2″ deep
  • Mixed at the correct ratio
  • Ideal for lawns for formal lawns grass seeding and Meadow Areas
  • We can also provide the full service

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grass seed mix  grass seed mixture  grass seed

Ordering Call us on 01983 882879(if no answer leave a message) Or Click here to order by email.


  • Manure Bulk Bag £50
  • Blended Manure top soil £70
  • Blended Manure Compost £70

Wood Chippings

  • Contractor Wood Chip ideal for boarders and weed control Bulk Bags  £50
  • Tree and shrub Mulch Ideal for woodland   and  soil  conditioning Bulk Bag £60
  • Also sold  in larger tipper Loads (£130)
  • Great for garden Boarders and weed control
  • Paths walkways
  • Chicken Runs
  • Weed control matting  Membrane Woven Type  sold by the Roll or Meter (ask when ordering)
  • Sleepers also sold Hard and soft wood

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wood chippings


isle of wight top soil

Isle of wight compost


As Dug Top Soil None screened

Bulk Bag £45

Large Tipper load £90.00

Cheaper option Ideal for filing in Large Areas before top dressing or building up banks raised flower beds etc.

Some stones chalk none screened soil

Super Screened Top Soil


  • New for 2020 by request
  • Best Quality Available no stones
  • Screened top soil 4mm –  8mm Very fine screen Idea for sports fields no stones, Over Seeding, Top dressing, Boarders, planters.
  • Soil £80 Per Bulk Bag


super screen soil

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delivering top soil

Isle of Wight Compost

isle of wight compost  compost     compost loading loader

Other aggregates we deliver either loose or in bulk bags:  See Aggregates page for further details.